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COVID-19 : Reshaping The Education World :

Not since World War II have so many countries around the world seen schools and educational institutions go into lockdown at around the same time and for the same reason. The impact on education centre has been significant with the disruption of academic schedules at schools due to suspension of classes. Educators around the world have been talking about the need to rethink how to educate future generations. As we educators grapple with the new ways of communicating with our students away from our classrooms, it is a good time to reflect on how this disruptive crisis can help us define what learning should look like for generations Z, Alpha and beyond. This generation is defined by technology, where the terms FOBA (Fear Of Being Alone) and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) express their expectations on instant communications and feedback-affected through apps like instant Messenger, Snapchat and Whatsapp that includes from parents and educators, something being amplified with the current remote learning. Needless to say the pandemic has transformed the centuries-old, chalk-talk teaching model to one driven by technology.

It is our hope that for generations Z, Alpha and generations to come these experiences of isolation and remote learning away from their peers, teachers and classrooms will serve as a cautious reminder of the importance of our human need for face-to-face social interaction.


Facilities at St. Michael's High School, Jamalpur

Resources and Facilities

Computer Education (Theory & Practicals) are given to students on special payment starting from class I onwards which is compulsory. Well equipped Science laboratory has been set up for the students to attain practical knowledge and demonstrations. Audio-Visual Classes through projector and Smart Classes are provided to make learning, easy and interesting. Since education is not merely confined to textbooks, the school has library filled with books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers, carefully selected for their educational value and cater to a wide variety of interest. Students of class IV and upwards hold one library card and are issued books that can be taken home for a period of one week. Website, Email, SMSes and Whatsapp has become major source of information for students and means of communication between the School authorities and parents/Guardians. Conveyance facility (School Bus) is for students residing at distant places.