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From the Principal's Desk

NEP 2020 will bring the desired changes in education

Revolution is a much-needed impetus for the growth of the human society. Reforms are needed in each and every field especially in the field of education. The latest revolution in the system of Indian education has come with the origin of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. The NEP 2020 focuses on experiential learning, equity and discovery-based teaching learning methods. Toys are a vital component of learning. Implementing the NEP, the students are taught in an interactive manner with the use of toys. Under the guidance of the NEP, the schools will focus on skill-enhancement of the students. Efforts will be made to eliminate rote-learning and emphasis will be laid on experiential learning, including critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and digital literacy. Integration of technology will be done to improve classroom processes and schools will achieve their academic goals with ICT classrooms. Right now also, we are using technology-supported classrooms but keeping in mind experiential learning we will have to adopt a blended technological approach.

Eventually, we are gearing up for implementing the vision of the NEP, which came after 34 years. The NEP will certainly encompass the needs of the students making them skilful learners who are competent to face real time challenges. Schools must train the faculty and provide inclusive curriculum to promote inclusion and equity in education for the holistic development of the students. The NEP is going to benefit the new generation for dominating the global education and help bring about the revolution for a new India.

Happy Learning !

Welcome to St. Michael's High School, Jamalpur

JesusSt. Michael's High School, located at Walipur road in Jamalpur is a Minority Catholic Christian institution, founded in 1988 by the joint endeavour of Mrs. Gladys Michael and Mr. Cyril Michael, is under management of ST. MICHAEL'S EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE SOCIETY, dedicated for the promotion of education, culture and welfare. The patron saint of this school is St. Michael, an Archangel who drew away the evil force out of heaven, henceforth this school is committed to the service of faith in GOD and fight evil influences to accomplish its motto LOVE & SERVICE. All decisions of the Governing body find their source in Christian Philosophy and Theology.


Mother MaryOur mission is to help produce individual who are not only academically brilliant but are also trained in the art of living, who have the essence of spirituality, who speak foreign language with confidence and yet feel proud in touching the feet of their parents.


The School aims to establish an environment in which the character and personality of students develop in all aspects of life - Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual and Physical. As educators our effort is to develop our students into a fully human, fully indian and truly modern. The aim is to create in the students a thirst for discipline, knowledge, devotion, honesty and a patriotic fervour besides humanism.

  • Social Sansitization
  • Team Work
  • Accomplishment of students


To enlighten the mind of every child with torch of knowledge and enable them to look beyond narrow domestic walls and reach out to the less privileged in the supportive atmosphere of love and equality.

School Logo

The Logo of St. Michael’s High School Consists of (a) the monogram (b) Holy Bible (c) the holding of Olympic torch in the centre with the name of the school in the concentric circle that is illuminated; (d) Crown on the top and (e) the motto of school "Love & Service" with the year of its establishment i.e. 1988 depicted the front.

The monogram with the letter SM and the cross stands for the "St Michael" the Patron saint of the school, who drew inspiration from the cross which symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Christian educators drawing inspiration from words & teaching of Jesus Christ (Holy Bible), are devoted at the service of God and the country enhancing knowledge & wisdom (Olympic torch) in the students out of love. Each and every michaelite drawing inspiration (taken together these symbols) shall illuminate the world like the shining stars and thus shall excel in glorifying the kingdom (crown) of God.

Since its establishment in 1988, this school is committed to the service of faith in God and to fight evil influences to accomplish its motto "love & service".


Michael Francis

The Founder

Born and brought up in the town of Bettiah (Bihar) Michael Francis was a mellow and loving individual. He first moved into Jamalpur in 1953 as a Railway employee and got married soon after in 1958 to Gladys Michael. With keen interest in photography, gardening, writing, he was a person with not just one but multiple talents. Following his retirement in the year 1990, he invested his time in the accounts department of St. Michael's School Jamalpur where he contributed selflessly. Mr. Michael Francis was a man of innate goodness, benevolence and relentless hard work. He breathed his last in October 24, 2020. He will live eternally in our fondest thoughts and his memories shall be cherished forever.


The Founder & the First Principal

A simple lady with lofty words, Mrs Gladys Michael was born on October 20th 1942 in Bettiah, Bihar. Motivated by her father - a military personnel she grew to be a hardworking, courageous and responsiable girl - joined NCC and became a troop leader later she was conferred with the President’s Guide Captain Award. She was married to Mr. Michael Francis in Dec 1958. Besides being a devoted wife and a caring mother, she joined NDA, Jamalpur, as a teacher in 1972. Serving for almost 20 years she was taken with Heart ailment and thus resigned. But her interest in the field of education compelled her to lay the foundation of St. Michael's High School in 1988. She turned out to be a woman with a remarkable ideology of love and service. She was compassionate towards downtrodden and the underprivileged. The sunset of her life occured due to Cardiac-Respiratory failure on September 9, 2019. Under her leadership the school has gained from strength to strength.


Vice Principal (1995-1999)

Born on 14th of May 1968 in Bettiah, Bihar, Ms. Reena was a congenital conglomeration of bounteous faculties. She dedicated her service to the institution as a teacher and then as a vice-principal from 1995 to 2000, whereafter her nuptial was arranged. She met with a sad fate of accidental death on 22nd March 2003. She is remembered for her valiant and valorous contribution to this institution.

Officials of the School

Cyril Michael

Co-founder & Director.

Rakesh Michael


Angileena Michael


Ravi Michael


Chandan Michael


Rashmi Raj Michael

Vice principal