From the Principal's Desk

NEP 2020 will bring the desired changes in education

Revolution is a much-needed impetus for the growth of the human society. Reforms are needed in each and every field especially in the field of education. The latest revolution in the system of Indian education has come with the origin of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. The NEP 2020 focuses on experiential learning, equity and discovery-based teaching learning methods. Toys are a vital component of learning. Implementing the NEP, the students are taught in an interactive manner with the use of toys. Under the guidance of the NEP, the schools will focus on skill-enhancement of the students. Efforts will be made to eliminate rote-learning and emphasis will be laid on experiential learning, including critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and digital literacy. Integration of technology will be done to improve classroom processes and schools will achieve their academic goals with ICT classrooms. Right now also, we are using technology-supported classrooms but keeping in mind experiential learning we will have to adopt a blended technological approach.

Eventually, we are gearing up for implementing the vision of the NEP, which came after 34 years. The NEP will certainly encompass the needs of the students making them skilful learners who are competent to face real time challenges. Schools must train the faculty and provide inclusive curriculum to promote inclusion and equity in education for the holistic development of the students. The NEP is going to benefit the new generation for dominating the global education and help bring about the revolution for a new India.

Happy Learning !

Facilities at St. Michael's High School, Jamalpur

Resources and Facilities

Computer Education (Theory & Practicals) are given to students on special payment starting from class I onwards which is compulsory. Well equipped Science laboratory has been set up for the students to attain practical knowledge and demonstrations. Audio-Visual Classes through projector and Smart Classes are provided to make learning, easy and interesting. Since education is not merely confined to textbooks, the school has library filled with books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers, carefully selected for their educational value and cater to a wide variety of interest. Students of class IV and upwards hold one library card and are issued books that can be taken home for a period of one week. Website, Email, SMSes and Whatsapp has become major source of information for students and means of communication between the School authorities and parents/Guardians. Conveyance facility (School Bus) is for students residing at distant places.